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Start Date

5th September 2017

Course Duration

2 years


Full time


Newcastle Sixth Form College

Course Overview

Studying Classics gives you the opportunity to think about the origins of the world around you: the art, the political system, the architecture and the literature that you experience every day. Classics is multi-disciplinary, which means that it gives you the chance to study a wide range of different subjects such as Archaeology, History and Literature.

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Progression and Career Opportunities

Classics opens the door to a wide range of careers in a variety of fields including law, politics, academia and education, archival, librarian and museum studies.

Classics gives you invaluable knowledge on the workings of ancient society, and reflects how the modern society in which we live has developed throughout history.

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What you need to know

Most students who take Classics have no prior experience of the subject; it is not necessary to know a great deal about the subject before enrolling. The subject suits students with enquiring minds, who are interested in studying a range of subjects.

You will build on a range of skills acquired at GCSE from other Arts and Humanities subjects, such as the close analysis of literary texts, the balanced consideration of historical evidence, the understanding of a range of cultural contexts and the ability to remember new terms. You will be expected to keep a glossary of new terms and concepts, to conduct independent research on a regular basis, consider and balance a range of points of view and develop an awareness of the challenges of interpreting evidence from the classical world.

Want to get a headstart in A Level Classics?

Guy de la Bédoyère’s Cities of Roman Italy is a useful guide to the three cities studied in the first year of A-level Classics.

For more detail on Pompeii, see Mary Beard’s Pompeii.

For the Politics and Society of Ancient Sparta module you might read Paul Cartledge’s Spartans: an Epic History.

Recommended Documentaries

Meet the Romans, Mary Beard
Pompeii: Life and Death in a Roman Town, Mary Beard
The Other Pompeii: Life and Death in Herculaneum, Andrew Wallace-Hadrill

These documentaries can be found on YouTube.

Subject pathway

Classics is part of the Historical Studies Department and complements a wide range of subjects in the Arts and Humanities, particularly Archaeology, History and English Literature.

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