Core Maths

A Level - A Levels

Start Date

5th September 2016

Course Duration

2 years


Full time


Newcastle Sixth Form College

Course Overview

Employers and universities want students who can “do” Maths - but what does this actually mean? If you have your Grade A*- C in Maths GCSE is this enough to prove you can “do” Maths?

Increasingly, employers and universities are finding that young people who have higher grades at GCSE Maths are finding it difficult to put any of that learning into practice.

Core Maths takes those GCSE skills and teaches you to apply them in context, preparing you for the workplace and/or further study – whichever pathway you choose to follow.

Progression and Career Opportunities

Progression opportunities

Core Maths is a Level 3 qualification which carries UCAS points equivalent to an AS Level. Maths in general is known as a facilitating subject for Higher Education and Core Maths has been given recognition by universities as providing greater support to student progression.

Employers recognise core maths as a valid higher level mathematical qualification. Applicants who have a core maths grade on their job application or CV will stand out from those who only have GCSE. It demonstrates a willingness and ability to take the GCSE Maths content and apply it, and so indicates that the applicant will be able to apply the knowledge to the job they are applying for.

Additional Information

What you need to know

To access Core Maths you need to have a minimum of Grade C in GCSE Maths. All of the Foundation Tier GCSE Maths content is assumed to be known. Knowledge of Higher Tier content would be advantageous but is not essential, as the necessary parts will be covered through the delivery of the course.

During the course you will become fluent in applying mathematical thinking processes to a wide variety of situations. The use of technology to support these processes is an inherent part of 21st century life and so the use of calculators and mathematical computer programs will be integral to the course.

Want to get a headstart in Core Maths?

Look back through Higher Tier GCSE revision content and focus particularly on those questions highlighted as either “Functional”, “Contextual” or “Assessing Quality of Communication” as these are primarily the basis for case study interrogations.

Suggested reading

Higher Tier GCSE Maths textbooks would be a good way to get a head start on the content in Core Maths.

GCSE Statistics textbooks will give a greater understanding of the particular areas which Core Maths focusses on.

Subject pathway

Core Maths can be combined with any A Level subject combination (except Maths A Level) and is designed to work best with those pathways which are often viewed as “less mathematical” but still require higher level maths knowledge. It also facilitates progression when taken alongside subjects which are inherently seen as non-mathematical e.g. Languages, Law and Humanities Pathways.

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